Bring The Outside In

Botany and faunas are bang on trend at the moment, bringing the outside in with stylish foliage. You Magazine, styled by Clare Nolan and shot by Joanna Henderson show how to introduce plants into the home, particularly elegant ferns, transforming a space into a vibrant summery oasis.


Wall jj


Likewise last month’s Homes And Antiques issue shows us how ferns are a ‘fern favourite’ with them,  tying in with the release of Fern Fever. Which is a beautifully designed and illustrated book, where author Sarah Whittingham traces the story of Pteridomania, a craze for ferns particularly in the Victorian times, where people went on adventures in a crazed search for a rare fern spiecimens, who’d of thought?

During the Victorian times of all sciences Botany was considered the most suitable for middle class ladies to study. Ferns were particularly popular due to their refined look, without gaudy blossoms they were still beautiful and to recognise their beauty was an indication of cultivated intellect and refined taste. No one wanted to appear vulgar and so became the huge popularity of the elegant fern.

Botanical style has always had its place in the home but it has gone full circle and lately has become particularly prominent with interior trends.

Whether botanical wall charts or the real thing, fauna in the home brings the outside in, creating a tranquil environment, green is known to be a relaxing colour, one to be embraced and we feel botanical style is the place to start…

Some lovely ideas of how to introduce some botany into your home from Vibekdesign 

wall chart

cacti copy


And some more from stylist Caroline Davis


On my vintage travels last week I came across this lovely fern print, looks lovely alongside this vintage glass bottle, both now up for grabs at The Nostalgia Exchange

bottle and fern pic


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