A Tour De France And A Treasure Trove Of Vintage Wares

Two glorious weeks have been spent on our very own Tour De France, without bikes though I may add, although we did manage to pick up a couple of vintage steeds on our route, two beauties that will be polished up ready to pootle around London on. Our adventure was carried out in a rather large luton van, a perfect friend to fill with vintage wares and a perfect camping companion we found, although we did get some funny looks from some puzzled French campers, not sure a van of this size is a regular visitor to the local campsites, hey ho we found it perfect addition to our camping experience, you can stand upright in it and even hang your washing out. Although nothing but friendly to us the poor van did take a bit of hit when we got into a bit of tight squeeze in Aix En Provence, sadly the van came off worse than the wall, but despite a rather large crunch and a few swear words, she was still raring to go and we filled her up nicely with lots of vintage finds. Dijon we found was our treasure trove for vintage and of course mustard. Provence was a gem for stumbling across Vide-Greniers the French equivalent of a carboot, the favorite being in The Alps on our way up to Annecy , still going strong at 6pm we managed to pick up some bargains as enthusiastic sellers were beginning to wind down for the day, so open to some good haggling. We also made a new friend in Provence, the Provencial Rose wine went down in treat, much lighter in colour and delicate in taste it was an unexpected delight in comparison to the Ribenna coloured Rose we are accustomed to in England, and more importantly it didn’t seem to give a hangover, this also took up some of the space in the back of our trusty steed.

Bold retro colours, a 60s kitchen cupboard and some delicate coloured glasses were a few of our buys, here are a few snaps of our vintage finds….

A lovely old hat box and pretty green bottle, I just love the little white shoes too – they were picked up on our travels in Nice




Some delicate coloured glasses perched on top of cute wooden kitchen stool


Pretty French ceramics and Le Sucre

Le Sucre and plates

A splash of retro

retro cabinet

Yellow enamel

Cocktail time with a retro cigarette holder and pretty vintage glasses

cigarette holder

C’etait Fantastique!


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