A Fresh Page

A new year, a new start – I know it’s a cliche, but here we are again on a fresh page, I have lots of things I want to fill it with so thought I would share a few of my New Year’s resolutions. So I was wishing for a nice sunny day to start the New Year and we certainly got that yesterday, so for that I am thankful, but for today’s dreariness not so much – which takes me on to my first resolution…..

To see more of the world and Britain, and hopefully that will bring lots of sunny days along the way. I have always been inspired by maps, and will be on the look out for lots more vintage maps to spur me along on my travel adventures this year.

Map love

Second resolution – to try and be more orderly, as you may imagine with my love of vintage wares, there is a looming danger of things at home beginning to look cluttered, so some clever, inspirational storage ideas are the plan for this year…



Thirdly – I love colour, and I vow to infuse even more into my life this year….

Colour splashes

A vintage green bread bin and rolling pin will be sending out splashes of colour on my next vintage stall in Crouch End on 2nd February ….


And fourthly – florals! More florals are a must this year…and I know they will enhance my life, a few ideas to start with…


Florals are not a new thing for me they always attract my attention and brighten my days, but the plan is more this year…here are a few which will be gracing the stall next month..

A pretty vintage floral tin


A hand embroidered fire screen and floral tray…


Floral enamel ware, a pretty honey pot, rose powder puff tin and hand painted butter dish


Of course there will be the standard resolutions, of eating healthily and in smaller quantities, more exercise and maybe even a dry January (who knows), but this year is going to be mainly about adventures, colours and patterns and maybe a bit of order thrown in there. Hopefully not too much sitting still but getting out there and exploring, because after all….

my paradissi thinking of the day 121208

Happy New Year everyone, we would love to hear your New Year’s resolutions, what exciting things have you got on the cards for your fresh page?



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