One Lovely Blog Award

We are so excited – Edwina from re:retro has kindly nominated our blog for the One Lovely Blog Award -I am so appreciative and it has given us such a boost – I am so pleased that someone is enjoying reading our blog, I love putting it all together but even better when you get people appreciating it, so thank you so much!The award asks that I describe 7 random facts about myself, that I nominate a number of other blogs that I feel are more than worthy of winning the One Lovely Blog Award and to link back to the person who nominated me – so here we go:

Edwina at re:retro is a landscape architect who collects – she is Australian. She has been collecting since university days. Now she loves incorporating vintage elements with her contemporary furniture. All the items she collects appeal to her in terms of their design, colour and form – and look fantastic when massed together. She also has a great awareness of nostalgia – growing up in the 70s she has a love of things made in the 50s and 60s. I love her love of kitsch items – as like Edwina they always make me smile – she thinks they are funny, playful and often ironic and are fantastic to use in contrast to a minimalist, functional furniture setting. Check out her latest post on kitsch vases .

7 Random Facts About Me ..will try not to bore you….

I have a love of nostalgia – I love nothing more than seeing someone pick something up on my stall and watching them remembering a fond time and place – and then listening to their  stories as they reminiscence on the time it takes them back to.

I love cooking – and love being surrounded by vintage utensils and enamel wear – hence our slight obsession with this on our blog.

I love it when nothing matches – an eclectic mix of colours, styles and fabrics mixed in together makes me happy.

Interiors are a real passion- I am a location agent finding locations for magazine and film shoots, I love exploring new locations soaking up the sheer style and creative inspiration of many home owners out there.

I have a strange love of Llamas they just make me smile

Being outside is my favorite thing – and I am at my happiness when camping – surrounded by lots of vintage wears – to make the camping experience a pretty outdoor affair.

Finally one day my dream is to own a camper van – a vintage VW one preferably – but I would settle for just having one – you can make anything look pretty with some vintage inspiration.

Here are my nominees – it is soooo tough, but these blogs are truly inspiring and I can while away hours looking at them all – they always act as a great little escapism….

 Happy Interior Blog

Beautiful Clutter

Fading Grace

My Paradissi

Conversation Pieces

 Frankie’s Kitchen


Twig Hutchinson

Corporate Housekeeping

Poppy Talk

I’m sure you will enjoy them as much as I do.


7 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Dear Anna, how did I not find you before? What a lovely blog, and you have made my day, I would love to except the award, thank you! So looking forward to having a browse,
    Sophie x
    @fading grace

    • Hi Sophie, ah thank you for having a look at our blog, reading your blog always makes my day so thank you, all the details for the award are on my post if you want to put yourself forward for it. Thanks for all your lovely posts XX

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