Colour Changes

I have noticed a change in the air this week, although the sun is still beautifully shining, there is a definite autumnal feel breaking through. I always get excited when Autumn approaches; I don’t know if it comes from the years of starting a new school year in September, (I think it most probably does), but come September I always have a sense of anticipation for the start of  new things and the sense that  changes are afoot.

I’m sure like everyone else one of my favorite changes in Autumn are the colours – all around us there are subtle differences, becoming more and more vibrant – thrusting us into a deluge of reds, oranges and yellows, which never fail to fill with me with awe and wonder.

I came across this colourful feature in World Of Interiors Magazine this month and was taken by the textures, backdrops and use of colours.  It got me thinking about the changes around us, brought with each new season.  Although shot in bright sunshine – there is a sense of a chill in the air, and it reminded me of the cosy evenings fast approaching and the crisp bright mornings; although it is always sad waving the long summer evenings goodbye, it is always fun to embrace the changes afoot in great anticipation.

Gorgeous Colours

And a sense of excitement with the changing colours to come


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