French Inspiration

Whilst truffling around my Mum’s stall last week in Covent Garden I came across a lovely book ‘The French Cafe’ by Marie-France Boyer. After a few minutes of dreamily looking through it, Mum kindly said I could borrow it for a while, so happily over the last week I have been avidly looking through it at any spare moment, being whisked off to some of the dreamily rustic French cafes and bars it captures throughout the beautifully photographed book. Photographed by Eric Morin, this lovely book captures how the French Cafe epitomizes the French art of living. With most cafes opening early and closing late they are the centre of society and the community.

Image taken from The French Cafe’ by Marie-France Boye photography by Eric Morin


These wonderful places are sanctuaries to sit alone and watch the world go by or to sit and socialise with much loved locals.

Image taken from The French Cafe’ by Marie-France Boye photography by Eric Morin


This book captures the effortless style they ooze, from the most rustic workers’ local cafe to the grand establishments dating from the beginning of the century, but all offer the same principal, they are a place to feel comfortable, to relax and catch up on some alone time or to socialise with friends and loved ones.

Image taken from The French Cafe’ by Marie-France Boye photography by Eric Morin


As you know from past blogs I already love France and always feel inspired after visits there, buying trips over there are such fun and always reap great rewards with wonderfully unique vintage finds. We are still in the throes of renovating our house and are constantly feeling inspired by French and Scandinavian interiors and vintage homewares, so who knows what look we will end up with, it will certainly be eclectic, but after enjoying this lovely book my love affair with a rustic charm is definitely becoming more apparent.

These were a few of my finds the other day…


I am slowly building up our collection of French crockery to eat off, its so much more fun building it up gradually as and when you come across a piece on various travels. This is a much more enjoyable reward than to buying it all in one go, and of course much cheaper which is key at the moment with our new life on a shoe string.

These were a find from years ago which I saved up whilst I dreamt about having our own home to show them off in, and one day it came true …..

image 11.jpg

This lovely French salt shaker and vinegar bottle are also two more additions to the house and really reminded me of the similar ones you get in French cafes, I so love their simple shape and unelaborate decoration. Both I found on separate occasions, we are just short of the pepper shaker now, so eyes are peeled, if anyone comes across one do please let me know.


Our online shop has also benefited from this French inspiration and we have a few lovely new French vintage finds ….The Nostalgia Exchange’s Shop…..


We are planning another French trip sometime soon so I will keep you posted on new inspiration and vintage finds.

But for now bonne journée!


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