A Spanish Christmas And A Colourful Start To The New Year

We spent Christmas, now last year already, oh how time flies, in the South of Spain in a charming little town called La Herradura in the Andalucia region of Spain. As part of the Costa Tropical it certainly did what it promised, offering up a week of sunshine and warmth, a welcome escape from the grey dreariness that we left behind at home.

A belated Feliz Navidad to you all from Espana


Inspired by Rick Stein’s Spanish Christmas and our Mediterranean climate we broke away from the traditional Christmas lunch, and went for a slow cooked lamb, marinated over night in fresh herbs picked from our villa’s garden, we popped it in the oven late morning to cook slowly for hours whilst we went off for a swim in the sea and for a drink in the local cafe on the beach. It was indeed quite idyllic and I did have a few pinch marks on my arm as I tried to wake myself up from the dream. Here’s some of the fresh local produce we chopped up ready to roast slowly to accompany the lamb….

Fresh produce

But of course none of this happened before a Christmas breakfast, and of course outside none the less along with Bucks Fizz, but not your normal Bucks Fizz, this Christmas it came with freshly squeezed orange juice from oranges we harvested from the fruit trees in the garden, we even threw in a bit of freshly squeezed grapefruit to tang things up a bit..

Fresh orange juice

Fresh fruit was aplenty and you could even stop in the middle of town and pick yourself a refreshing orange or even a prickly pear, being wary of the pesky spikes though became the name of the game…

Fruit gallore

No Mediterranean trip is complete without a plethora of colour from the gorgeous Bougainvillea that grows in abundance and never fails to capture attention as it adorns white washed walls.


White washed walls, rooftop views and doorways to venture filled one of our days when we visited the once Moors inhabited town Frigiliana. A beautiful town built on a steep hillside North of Nerja, the Mudejar district of the small town is made up of steep cobbled alleyways, winding past white washed houses resplendent with flowers, its name Mudejar is used to describe the architectural style used by Arab craftsmen working in Christian territory.

Whitewash walls

Rooftop views


No road trip is complete without a roadside view stop or a Mirador as it’s known in Spain….

sea views

Followed by a competitive game of Petanque on the beach, loosing team to buy the winning team a round of drinks, sadly I was on the loosing team, but it was not a walk over by any means I hasten to add…


Of course none of our trips would be complete without a visit to a local flea market, the excitement came on the Sunday after Christmas with an early rise and road trip up to Granada, where the challenge began to find the illustrious Granada Flea Market. After an hour or so of navigating the beautiful Granada streets and a pit stop for a toastada, with our broken Spanish we managed to finally locate the highly anticipated flea market, which we  actually found is a fair way out of Granada itself if any of you do choose to hunt it down. It is in Mercadillo in the Western part of town, near the cemetery. It was worth the perseverance, our finds will follow, so do read on for these.

After filling our boots with bargains we ventured into the city to explore. Not as sunny as we had become accustomed to in The Costa Tropical and certainly a good 10 degrees cooler, we found ourselves in more familiar territory for this time of year  wrapped back up in our English togs, certainly enjoying the beautiful scenery and atmosphere Granada offers, but all secretly dreaming and looking forward to the blue sky and sunshine that would greet us later on back in our beloved La Herradura.


We made sure we caught the sunset back in La Herradura on return from our exciting day out …


So moving on to some of our finds which will make their first experience at North London Vintage Market’s first country affair out in Hatfield House in Hertfordshire on 25th January, be sure to come and see us here..hope you can make it.

Tins Gallore And  Colour For The New Year




Tin spanish

Time For Tea


We are always such a fan of strong colours, tins and enamel ware and it is definitely this year’s new look according to

Homes and Antiques Magazine this month ….



Here’s to a colourful New Year and a happy one to everyone!




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