Industrial, Inventive, Floating…3 Shelving Styles, Be Stylish Yet Organised

If you live in London like me, unless money is no object you may have come across the little problem of space, and lack of it being the problem! But this is not something that bothers the stylish Londoners, they have learnt to be savvy with their lot, making the most of the space they have in their homes, it may be small but it can of course be stylish. At the moment I am in the process of desperately saving to buy a home, maybe a little way off yet but it hasn’t stopped me thinking of and saving up ideas for when I finally get the little space I will call home.

This week clever shelving ideas have caught my eye…

Shelving…. a chance to show off your your treasured, worldly belongings, keeping organised but in an inspiring stylish fashion and not taking up any floor space, genius!

Industrial Style…

Engage with your urban side, I love this re use of old scaffolding to work as the main shelving structure and reclaimed planks of wood and an old shopping basket also makes for an inventive shelving unit.

Industrial shelving

industrial 2


An Inventive Style …

Re using old wooden boxes and crates is a wonderful way to create stylish shelving, with an interesting variation in sizes and textures, creating a unique focal point to any room, whilst bringing in a sense of nostalgia. I love the old wooden lemonade drink crates you can sometimes still lay your hands on.

Inventive shelving

Inventive 2

Floating Style…

I love a floating shelf creating a beautiful room feature, carefully styled with interesting curiosities and paintings. Paintng the wall behind in blackboard paint is also a great way to create a creative space able to change with your mood and whims. Cleverly choosing woods in different sizes and textures can also create an interesing focal point.

floating shelves copy

Blackboard paint

Being organised doesn’t need to be boring, even if you do only have a small space, in fact the smaller the space the more creative you need to be.



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