Kitchen Style – The Hub Of The Home

Now days a kitchen is the hub of a home, a place to spend time with family and friends and a place to be creative with culinary skills. Time has evolved from when the kitchen was once tucked away from the rest of the home, a place purely used to prepare the daily meals. Kitchens today are the social hub of the home and with unique styles and trends they have become inspiring and invigorating spaces, places you want to while away your hours.

As you may have noticed from our handpicked vintage wares we are a bit partial to kitchen wares.

Here are 5 kitchen styles reflective of their owner’s style, all very different yet all share the common thread of being the hub of the home.

1. Concrete Style, clean lines and minimalist style …

Concrete kitchen copy

Concrete 2

2. Lady Aga, a true luxury and will sure to be the focal point in any kitchen lucky enough to have one..

lady aga

3. Reclaimed wood creates a unique textured look …

Reclaimed wood

4. Scandi style, with stark whites and clean lines creates an elegant, classic look…

Scandi kitchen


What’s your favourite style?

Here are some of our kitchen wares which we feel can be mixed in with any kitchen style, although they are vintage, retro items they lend themselves well to different styles and actually look quite fun mixed in with modern, clean lines.


photo-93 copy

For more kitchen inspiration take a look at Kitchen Love

Do let us know what your favourite kitchen style is …


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