Flea Market Adventure

This weekend saw  the Amiens flea market, in France, it  has turned into the second biggest event of its kind, beaten only by Lille neighbours’ braderie, with over 80,000 visitors.

 Amiens flea market Sunday means 51 streets, an area of 15,000 m2, is taken over by second-hand dealers who have flocked in from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada, Italy and even Australia !

 From 5 am onwards, the city is in the grip of feverish activity as 500 professional second-hand dealers, French and of other nationalities, and 1,500 private individuals from the whole of France start unpacking their wares and setting up stalls that would not look out of place in Ali Baba’s cave… Wow what a treat! Linda (Mum) the other half of The Nostalgia Exchange was there soaking up the atmosphere and rummaging for vintage pieces of joy. I am yet to see the finds, but watch this space for more news on the adventure…

A little snippet of what delights were on offer


Slightly jealous of the Amiens adventures I felt it was time to start planning a few trips of my own over the next few months, in the hope of bringing back lots of vintage curiosities for The Nostalgia Exchange.

First stop is Frankfurt next weekend, where I will be intruding on my lovely cousin who is living out there at the mo – and knows all the best flea markets, very exciting!

It will certainly be a case of the …..280642--600

as we embark on the shore of the river Main, in Sachsenhausen‘s Shaumainkai street, with the promised view of of Frankfurt’s skyline in the background, and the smell of bratwurst wafting through the air as we rummage through vintage wares in great anticipation of what treasures we are going to find (we hope anyway).

Then onto the next adventure, which comes in June and this time for two whole weeks! When we will be going on a road trip to the South of France, with a big van (just think of all that space to fill with vintage wares) and no real plan at the moment, just a case of been lead by a flea market nose, a bit of work along the way and meeting up with friends. One market that is firmly on the list is Nice, on every Monday, from morning to mid-afternoon, Nice’s colourful, sun-drenched cours Saleya (just behind the Promenade des Anglais) is filled with around 200 flea market vendors selling their wares. Cannot wait!

Something to look forward to, sun drenched Nice


We have a loose plan which begins in Cannes – this is a vague little route of what’s in store but very much a work in progress and who knows what flea markets we might read about and hear about that might take us on a completely different path…..


I will be sure to keep you posted on our finds and updates on the route, and would love to hear of any ‘musts’ to fit in along the way?


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