Don’t Go Barking Up The Wrong Tree This Christmas! 4 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmas cheer is upon us, with sounds of ‘snow is falling all around us’ chiming out of the radio and festivities reaching an all time high; it is that time (if you haven’t already) to put up the Christmas tree and perhaps this year could be the time for something a little different. Here are 4 quirky tree ideas to fill this Christmas with unique style.

1. Short of space? These wall trees are a great way to use up an array of random objects and free up space whilst still oozing with festive cheer.

Shiny objects, vintage picture frames and stray pieces of wood arranged in the shape of a tree on the wall make for a great, unique alternative to your normal pine.

Wall tree2. Make use of a household object and transform a step ladder into a stylish alternative to your standard Christmas tree.

Ladder tree

3. Drift wood is a great material, knocked together at different angles tiering down in size from small to large creating the illusion of a tree makes an ideal alternative for this year’s Christmas tree. The pieces of wood jutting out are also perfect hanging places for stylish Christmas decorations or to wrap lights around. If you have gone for a more 2D effect as in picture 3, you could hammer in a few carefully placed nails to act as a perfect hanging place for decorations.

Drift wood tree

4. Most of us spend alot of time at our desks so it is essential to make them enjoyable environments – the unique Christmas tree doesn’t just end at home, you can make some equally different takes on a Christmas tree in miniature form that will sit neatly on your desk.

Using a receipt spike placed in a mini flower pot and a load of old receipts tiered up in size order makes a sweet idea for a Christmas tree. Or a piece of oasis from a local florist in a cone shape is a great starting point for using up an array of vintage buttons, they can easily be attached using pins, and you will be sure to create a great alternative to the trusty pine.

Desk ideas

Happy Christmas everyone! We’d love to hear about your unique Christmas tree ideas


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