Greek Charm With Colours, Textures And Fishing Tackle

I’ve recently been on a charmed break to beautiful Kefalonia. Chomping at the bit to escape the infamous English grey drizzle, we were not disappointed with what is an unspoilt, idyllic, charming island, full of colour, texture, fishing tackle and an expanse of beauty every which way you turn.

Always one to be drawn by splashes of colour, these trusty steads did not fail to deliver…..

catch of the day

I love these colours and shapes, a fine working specimen but still one of true beauty!


Always one to explore, I was well and truly enticed in by these gateways to venture.…..

a gateway to venture


Textures everywhere caused cries of joy; so naturally distressed, they are things of beauty!!!



A good set of tackle , fishing tackle may I add sparked off a Nostalgic tune…

fish alive

Feeling well rested and sun baked we are getting our heads down and ready for our next weekend market –

The North London Vintage Market

2nd November

inspired by Kefalonian colours and textures we hope to thrill with lots of vintage delights…..


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