Share And Share Alike

Today is about sharing and I’d like to share a few little things with you, most of them stem from my visit to 100% Design London where they brought together the latest in design thinking, products, trends and ideas in engaging and inspiring ways. Creative Balance was the theme for this year – the idea being that the dynamic equilibrium between creativity and business is found. There were a few inspiring designs that really stood out to me and I thought you would probably like them too with our similar vintage interests…

Drawn by all the inspiring seating design ideas, I was particularly taken by architect and designer Yvonne Kreithner’s artisan pieces ‘Mokka Hokka.’ At the melting point of Italian and Austrian cultures Yvonne Kreithner combines Italian lifestyle, inspired by the nostalgic mokka pot, with cozy Tyrolean fabric.


Inspired by the far East these pretty handmade lampshades caught my eye, made from Japanese Kimono fabrics, they have an elegant charm with a nostalgic vintage twist. Designed and handmade in Ireland by Anna Juraszek most were worn by someone in Japan and witnessed special occasions including tea ceremonies, weddings and sometimes scarily, even earthquakes! Each lampshade is unique owing to the kimono used to create it, and so in purchasing one of these beauties you are contributing to the story of each kimono,  in the designer’s words ‘some things are timeless. We are just episodes.’

kimono design

Cultural influences were clearly apparent throughout the exhibition and the Nordic charm was evident in Hanna Francis’ work, in her homewares, lighting and furniture designs. Born in Sweden to a Finnish mother and English father, she draws her design inspiration from her Finnish and English heritage with a strong lean towards a stylish Scandinavian feel. Clean lines, neutral colours and nordic scenes are key to her work.

Hanna Francis

hanna francis lighting

These name just a few of the inspirational designs on show, I hope you like them as much as I did. I’d also like to share a few things I came across on my travels this weekend – soon to be added to The Nostalgia Exchange.

Bamboo style, I love this wonderful bag, so beautifully made, it really made me smile…..

IMG_4704 copy


A head above the rest….

I also thought he was rather special…

IMG_4646 copy

IMG_4650 copy

There were a few other finds, I’ll tell you about those soon….


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