Geometric Style And A Flash Back To Those Maths Lessons

As a bit of a new feature we have decided to have a monthly look at interior styles – we have always focused on interior trends, but now we are going to give them their own page on our blog and make it a regular monthly feature. This month it’s Geometric style which has been very evident throughout interior trends lately, playing on the 60s bold shapes. This style might take you back to your school days and those Maths lessons, with the interlocking shapes polyhedrons, hexagons, pentagons, trapeziums and lots more gons that make up the vibrant, bold patterns that are central to this angled, stylised look.

Here are 5 ways to introduce this adventurous look into your homes

1.Shed some light with some daring lampshades in bold colours and angular interlocking shapes, or really embrace this geometric look with some 3D lampshades embracing these long forgotten shapes – once engrained in us for those dreaded Maths exams.

Geometric lights


2.Embracing this look with your choice of furniture is a great way to add a focal point to any room, you can go as bold as you please with this courageous look.

geometric furniture


3. Adding splashes of colour and introducing intersecting shapes through a cleverly placed rug is a great way to deliver this vibrant style into any room.

geometric rugs


4. Geometric walls (perhaps a more permanent feature) but what better way to really embrace this angular style, add some wallpaper to a few select walls to truly embark on a shape filled road of brilliance.

Geometric walls


 5. A little less permanent but just as effective in encompassing this audacious style, are a carefully placed selection of cushions adorned with unique geometric interlocking shapes.

Geometric cushions

We especially love the Mid-Century Modern chair




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