What Dreams Are Made Of

A couple of months ago – but still very fresh in our minds, we took a trip down to the beautiful Wiltshire Wyle Valley, to a weekend where we stepped back in time.

A weekend filled with jive moves, nostalgic hair dos and classic cars, and a sense of calm and peacefulness allowing you to well and truly switch off from the modern world out there.

It was The Vintage Nostalgia Show 2013, it’s second year, and even more successful than the first – more visitors this year, but still maintaining it’s friendliness and quirkiness.

1940s tunes echoing around the valley and surrounded by an endless array of lovingly cared for classic cars and stylishly clad human beings, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking time had stood still in this corner of the shire – with a truly authentic take on a nostalgic time.

I came across a little feature this week in Vintage Life Magazine on The Vintage Nostalgia show- which prompted me to share our experience – here are a few moments the Vintage Life team captured…..

Preview of “magazine 1” copy

Preview of “magazine 2” copy

And some of our moments from a weekend that time forgot…..

Make Tea Not War –

A piece of sound advice

Preview of “make tea not war” copy

photo-65 copy

Some snippets from our stall……

Preview of “shoes and case” copy

Preview of “cat tin and basket” copy

In my opinion the only way to get around in style……

Preview of “tractors” copy

Or perhaps for some

a bit

more suitable….

photo-64 copy

Red sky at night was definitely the theme of the weekend – much to this shepherd’s delight…

photo-71 copy

What dreams are made of

I love the contrast of the modern caravans against the old steam engines…


And then it was homeward bound for us with some beautiful views on route..

photo-67 copy

Can’t wait for next year..


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