A Hallway To Venture

Today I thought we would digress slightly from the vintage world  and instead focus on some interior ideas – this week on design ideas for hallways. Hallways can be a first impression when entering a home, or a connection between rooms  – often small narrow spaces, they are frequently overlooked when styling a house, but when venturing into a hallway it is important to feel inspired.

Here are 4 ways to create a stylish hallway space to entice you into the next room and perhaps linger along the way…

1. Splashes of colour on a staircase creates a vibrant feature for an entrance hall – tempting you in to explore.

vibrant staircases

2. An abundance of space is something most of us can’t celebrate, a hallway can be a perfect space to create clever storage solutions – whilst being an interesting feature within this versatile space.

storage ideas

storage ideas 2

3. Empty wall space is not something you should let pass you by, make the most of a hallway, no matter how narrow, adorn it with treasured works of art and special photographs capturing fond memories.

hallway of art

4. Use this often neglected space to fashion a creative zone. With blackboard paint transform a hallway space into an area to design, reflect and formulate ideas.

hallway to be creative

Do you have any design ideas you have used to transform your hallways?

For more hallway inspiration click away 

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