Game, Set, Match….

This time last week – nerves were a jangling and anticipation rising with the nation’s expectations weighing on one man’s shoulders – those of Murray’s. Whilst Pimm’s was put on ice and bucket loads of strawberries were at the ready complete with heart attack size portions of cream – the country lay in wait for a moment that could go down in history.

Fred Perry in 1936 was the last British man to win Wimbledon and as those who are able to remember reminisced on this fond, proud memory – the rest of us anxiously looked on, in hope of living through a British Wimbledon win.The man himself in action …..1936


These wonderful, quintessentially British two weeks of the year are a nostalgic time where British traditions are embraced and lived out through the thousands of people who are lucky enough to step foot in the prestigious grounds. I was lucky enough to be one of those people this year – loaded up with our gluttonous picnic my school friend and I soaked up the sunshine and atmosphere on Court 1.

Tennis 1 copy

tennis 3 copy

tennis 4 copy 2

Back to last Sunday and the courageous men’s final. Battling through a heroic 3 set match that definitely felt more like 5 with epic long games and gladiator feats of courage – Murray was deservedly crowned Wimbledon champion 2013, and the nation looked on brimming with pride.

Still in the throws of this moment of history and our uncharacteristic summer we finally seem to be having – I thought it only right to embrace our British, nostalgic traditions with these pretty vintage teacups, cream tea anyone?

Have you seen our Vintage Corner...?

final-leaflet copy

Game, Set, Match – I went a bit pinning mad


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