An Americana Feel

Lately I have been drawn to America and particularly the lure of the West – inspired by some gorgeous Wild West vintage book finds …..

western 2

(Soon to be found on our Etsy shop)

I had a little look into how to create an American ranch laid back feel  with some interiors additions. This is what I have come up with thus far ….

adding a laid-back ranch mood to any room can be quite simple, stirring the lure of the West. This American region has a distinctive style, one that reflects the outdoorsy rocky territories, author Wallace Stegner describes this region as ‘not only a region but a state of mind,’ I have become captivated and enticed by this mysterious land and its wild ruggedness, so feel, as it’s not on the cards to be jetting off any time soon, perhaps by embracing some of these styles I might get a good taster of it for now.

1. Add of touch of the American wild west with some Animal skin rugs.

Americana throws

ranch feel

2. Splash your walls with colour and some vintage American Western posters, capturing this mysterious region.

vintage posters

3. Antler additions to different backdrops capture the ruggedness and wildness of the region.


Antlers 2antlers 3

This weekend I have had a welcome taste of vintage America with The Vintage Nostalgia show set in a beautiful Wiltshire valley, surrounded by rockabilliness and awe inspiring American vintage cars to name a few, it made for a wonderful experience- more of that to come.


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