The Emerald City – 5 Interior Styles To Embrace The Emerald Green Look

Emerald Green is the colour of the moment, inspired by The Emerald City with the recent release of the film ‘Oz The Great And Powerful’, emerald green has taken the fashion and interior world by storm. Turn your friends green with envy and be the talk of the town by transforming your interiors into a sea of green with 5 emerald green styling tips.

1. Book Worm

Introduce this fashionable colour into your interiors without making any drastic changes. Some splashes of green introduced through a collection of cleverly placed vintage books can create effective splashes of this fashionable colour.

Green books


Green books 2


2. A Toast To The Green

Some strategically placed green glass creates a stylish feel, introducing colour without expensive, dramatic changes…

Green glass


3. A Brave Move

Why not take the plunge and embrace this emerald world by painting one or some of your walls a lush green. Cleverly styled with some neutral furnishings you can create a striking yet relaxing room.

Emerald green walls 1



Below an emerald green wall adorned with a selection of eclectic vintage mirrors creates a joy of a space, whilst next to it some beautiful retro furniture is complimented by the emerald green backdrop.

Emerald green walls 2

Another idea to adorn a wall with emerald green is to collect a selection of vintage plates and saucers all with their own traces of green and cover a section of wall, I think this would look great! Here it’s done with a piece of wallpaper decorated with plates, but I think it would be even better with the real thing.



4.Take A Seat

Intoduce some emerald green chairs into your interior surroundings, take a seat and sit back and relax..

Emerald Green


I particularly love these retro dining chairs..and the sheep..

Emerald Green chairs

5. B&B Time (Bath and Bedtime In An Emerald World)

Enjoy stepping out of the bath onto a vibrant green bath mat, a stylish addition to your bathroom, and lie back and relax on your green adorned bed. Small, simple additions are a great way to introduce colour to any room without making any dramatic changes.

Emerald Green bathmat


Green with envy at all this beautiful ’emeraldness’ we couldn’t be left out, and so here are a few green additions to The Nostalgia Exchange, we hope the green inspires you to GO forth and conquer this emerald world….

Perfect for a splash of green, a stylish Art Deco head and some vintage glass green fishing net floats…

mask copy

Make some time for a touch of  baking, this cake tin will definitely need filling with some treats and this rolling pin with a splash of green is perfect to roll out that pastry….

cake tin copy


A bakelite tray and retro bread bin could definitely offer you some green to brighten up your kitchen

tray  copy

photo-30 copy


Is green for everyone I wonder? …..



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