Geographic Style…4 Stylish Ways To Use Vintage Maps, Adding Travel Inspiration To Any Room

This week driven by the dreary, relentless wintery weather, maps have caught my attention, with their tempting draw of sunnier climates and their stylish charms they can be a great addition to any room.

Here are 4 stylish ways to use maps, adding travel inspiration to any room.

1. Vintage school maps are a great statement piece in any room, providing an interesting focal point and lifting the room with bold blocks of colour.

vintage maps-1


2. Framed black and white maps or plans are a stylish way to fill a wall, adding an interesting talking point to the room.

vintage map 2-1


3. Old school maps are a perfect educational tool for a child’s room, whilst also giving stylish splashes of bold colour.

vintage map 4-1


4. If you don’t want to fill your walls with maps – some map accessories could be a nice addition to a room, a mini globe or building blocks covered in maps would be an interesting addition to a set of bookshelves – or maybe a map covered chair could add a good talking point to a room.

 vintage map 3-1
Whatever your style, maps are a point of inspiration and tool to whisk you off, even if just for a few minutes to a sunnier maybe more adventurous destination.

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