Life Is Sweets

I caught up on Nigel Slater’s Life Is Sweets over the weekend and it was a true Nostalgic journey. Focusing on chef Nigel Slater sharing his own intimate recollections of his emotional bonding with everything from chocolate limes to his special bond with marshmallows. As Nigel Slater states on the program “sweets are like a little road map through my life,” he fuses together personal memories with historical facts -causing a serge of nostalgia and involuntary reminiscing.

The sweet that really struck a cord and tugged on the old heart strings though was the trusty marshmallow ..”Marshmallows are my mum” recalled Nigel Slater full of emotion. The soft, pillowy sweets were like a goodnight kiss from a mum who died when Nigel Slater was only nine years old and as a comfort and symbolic of his late mother’s goodnight kiss his Dad use to leave 3 marshmallows on his bedside table every night. The program truly transported you back to an age of innocence, everyone has a trusty favorite that takes you back to a time of fond memories, I wonder what yours would be…..? Mine are Pear Drops and Smarties…


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