A Retro Written Word

This weekend has been all about discovering new, interesting pieces for The Nostalgia Exchange and it has proven to be fairly fruitful. Inspired by the written word I came across this baby blue beauty to add a retro twist to your words of wisdom. It’s lovely! just as a prop or in full working order if you want to type up some interesting prose or add a nostalgic twist to an invite. Even comes complete with a cover with a handle.

I also came across some lovely kitchenalia, in true tradition I can never resist enamel wear and I also came across some beautiful jars complete with Horlicks written on the side, would make characterful storage jars in any kitchen. If you’re in a baking mood I thought this lovely rolling pin was full of character with her red handles, and carrying on the red theme a charming basket with pretty red detail.

 I do hope these new pieces conjure up a smile on this glum Monday. If  anything takes your fancy do contact us at Thenostalgiaexchange@hotmail.com.

Have a lovely day everyone.


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