The Sound Of Vinyl

My housemate has recently been on a mad hunt for a record player in a quest to bring back that unique muscial sound that a vinyl record can only create. This recent exploration got me thinking about how special vinyl is and how sad, that what was once a staple piece of furniture in most households is now a unique, quirky, abstract addition to any home. In a quest to show off what a welcome addition these wonderful objects can be to any home – here are some stylish retro beauties…

Pictured below is the object of beauty my housemate has his eye on – The Braun SK 4 radiogram, 1956, designed by Hans Gugelot and Dieter Rams. Dieter Rams believes that good design can only come from an understanding of people. Rams asks designers – indeed, everyone – to take more responsibility for the state of the world around them. Rams has been an outspoken voice calling for “an end to the era of wastefulness” and to consider how we can continue to live on a planet with infinite resources if we simply throw everything away.
This idea of not being a throwaway, disposable world in a way can relate back to the idea of nostalgia and the vintage world. Instead of going out and buying new things – we can recycle what our Grandmother and Great Grandmother’s once treasured, playing on our fond memories and pangs of recollection, and creating homes out of things that were once loved, that can be adopted and fondly loved again.
Just a thought….
Perhaps? …..

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