The West Norwood Feast

Sunday morning I ventured down to West Norwood with the car all loaded up in great anticipation for The West Norwood Feast. It was a beautiful sunny morning and I was very excited about showing some of our new bits off and checking out the lovely vintage treasures on fellow market stalls.

As always I am a bit of slow starter and lots of procrastinating takes place and aimless wandering around distracting others from setting up their stall as I put off the inevitable, but I got there in the end – just in time for the heavens to open. For a brief moment it actually felt like this might finally be the end of the world -a torrential down pour that can only be described as BIBLICAL! Luckily our little stalls do have covers – but there were a few glum faces from fellow stall holders. But fear not it was short lived – phew! And the sun did show it’s face again, bringing out some willing customers, not quite as many as usual though. I think Olympic fever has well and truly hit, it has certainly consumed me for the last week, and I have to say I was feeling a little torn between my beloved market stall and watching Andy Murray epically winning gold. The beloved market stall always wins though and a great day had by all – I even met a couple of twins called Princess and Precious that has to brighten up your day if nothing else will.

A few snaps of the stall…

Weighing Time – our first outing for our vintage shop scales,

they would look fab in a kitchen –

they will be out again for Brixton Vintage Market next weekend, hope you like them.

Fifties Storage – a debut appearance for our fifties blue Flour and Sugar storage pots

They are so fun! Would definitely brighten up any kitchen.

Floral Delights

Strong Competition in the floral stakes –

A beautiful 1930s screen print onto silk on a fellow market stall, beautiful piece of fabric – so hard to resist!

Brixton Vintage Market on 18th  August is our next market – hope you can make it down


2 thoughts on “The West Norwood Feast

  1. your stall looked beautiful- everything so well displayed. those kitchen scales and 50s cannisters are wonderful…i might have to visit your shop since i can’t get to the markets.

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