A Rummage In Dulwich

A few Sundays ago the sun was shining (a welcomed change)  so we went for a little wander around East Dulwich – where we  had to pay one of my favourite vintage haunts a visit. North Cross Vintage (on the corner of Fellbrigg Road, just off North Cross Road, London SE22) is a perfect place to while away a Sunday afternoon, a treasure trove,brimming with anything you can imagine from Victorian ice cream moulds to a fantastic collection of vintage books, enamel ware (so hard not to spend a fortune) signs, packaging, tins, woodblock lettering, furniture and other assorted delights.

It’s run by the lovely John & Belinda, who carefully and lovingly hand pick all the wares in the shop creating a space of endless possibility and inspiration. The shop was originally tucked away in a basement on the nearby Lordship Lane before they were flooded out – but the enforced move ended up being a good thing, as their new location has far more space with little knooks and crannies and a beautiful courtyard area to show off an array of vintage beauties.
Unable to resist the temptation I had to pop into Hope and Greenwood across the road – a traditional sweet shop bursting at the seams with delicious chocolates and sweets which without fail fill you with nostalgia. For old time sake we had to buy a quarter of Pear Drops and Lemon Bon Bons – never fail to put a smile on my face.

4 thoughts on “A Rummage In Dulwich

  1. North Cross Vintage looks wonderful. I particularly like the enamel signs and the bus stop sign. Great find. GG

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