Rain Rain Go Away, Sunshine Please Come Back To Shine Another Day..

Looking out of the window I was beginning to  get a little despondent, miserable and exasperated with our dreary weather. So thought I would remind myself that the sun does shine. A couple of weeks ago I ventured down to the South West to a lovely valley in Wiltshire to sell at The Vintage Nostalgia Festival and what a wonderful event it was. A weekend filled with vintage delights, with the sun shining on us all weekend – here are a few snippets from the weekend.

What a beauty

Travel in a true vintage style

The way to travel

Yipee a Tipee

Truly beautiful

My first ever car is now vintage!

Love at first sight

It’s true love

Mr Mexican Man found a new home

Tractors and cocktails

What a lovely weekend, met lots of wonderful, interesting people, bought some lovely bits and sold well too, combined with charming live music and dancing, late  into the balmy summer’s evening. Looking forward to next years, and hoping this might fill you with positive thoughts that the sun will come back for some enchanting summer evenings, lots to come I’m sure …, I hope.


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