Magical India

I have just been lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks in India and it really is the most magical place. I couldn’t go all that way without trying to dig out some vintage curiosities, so we went on a little adventure in Mumbai to see what I could come up with. I went on the hunt for Chor Bazaar (thieves market) – this use to be the area where all stolen goods were sold and if you have seen Slumdog Millionaire the part where they come back to their car and there is nothing left of it, as wheels, doors etc have been stolen – well this was based on the Chor Bazaar area. But things have changed over the years and this is now the place to find antiques and bric a brac. Based on a back street called Mutton Street – there is an array of characterful shops and people selling vintage wares gallore. It took a while to find and a period of what is now being referred to amongst us  as “The Mutton Street Meltdown” as there were a few stressful moments in the 3 hours it took to find – my friend Ed nearly had a nervous breakdown and kept insisting he was going back to the hotel to drink beer! But we persevered and it was definitely worth the slog. I found some great bits that I managed to bring back for The Nostalgia Exchange – some Bollywood delights that will definitely brighten up our stall on Saturday. Here are a few tasters of my finds and a feel of the lovely Chow Bazaar, come down and see us at Spitalfields 25th February and brighten up your Saturday.

Chor Bazaar


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