Lisbon Finds

As predicted The Lisbon Flea Market was so enticing and at the same time quite heartbreaking, knowing I had a limit on my baggage allowance getting home and so turning my back on the amazing array of vintage wonders. It was fantastic!  After running around the market like a blue arse fly – letting out bursts of oohs and ahhs and filling my arms full of vintage wares, I then had to have a quiet word with myself and be selective on what was to come back with me. So I managed to sneak back a lovely picture and some great Heller tins which I’m sure will fill you with nostalgia and bring a smile to your face.

Here’s a sneak peek. Such a fantastic place – I will definitely be revisiting – but next time with space in a small container to get all the goodies back.

The finds will be on show at Spitalfields Antique and Vintage Flea Market this Saturday 26th at Old Spitalfileds Market – come along and find yourself some unique Christmas presents.

Heller Retro Tins


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