Erno Goldfinger And Brutalist Style

Yesterday we went along to architect Ermo Godlfinger’s home in Hampstead. 2 Willow Road was designed and built in 1939 by Goldfinger for him and his family to live in, built in place of a row of derelict cottages which were demolished to offer up space to build Goldfinger’s brutalist design.

Ermo Goldfinger was born in Budapest and moved to Paris in 1921 where he studied design. He was strongly influenced by the publication of Le Corbusier’s Vers une architecture, and became a fervent admirer of Le Corbusier’s former mentor, Auguste Perret, an expert in designing reinforced concrete structures and an inspiration for Goldfinger when designing his own home. In the early 1930s Goldfinger met and married Ursula Blackwell, heiress to the Crosse & Blackwell fortune. The remainder of his career would be based in the UK. His designs were cutting edge, inspired by creating more space in answer to the housing shortages following the Second World War, he became renowned for sky rise buildings, his most famous being The Trellick Towers based in Westbourne Grove in London, now a grade II listed building, it is a 31 storey block of flats designed in the Brutalist style. Like 2 Willow Road, his designs have beautiful big windows and an open plan style of living.

Report Reveals Living Standards Of UK Council Estates

tellick towers

2 Willow Road, is beautifully stylish inside, with a wall of windows and simple furniture with beautiful clean lines. The main living area is based on the first floor which you reach by venturing up a cleverly designed spiral staircase. The Goldfingers were renowned for throwing great parties and the cleverly designed home lent itself well to this with the ability to open it all out, but then each room could be made more private with the partition walls. The walls are adorned with an awe inspiring art collection including the likes of Duchamp and Henry Moore. Much of the 2nd floor is taken up by the nursery, which again can be one open plan space or could be cleverly split into 3 rooms, one for their daughter and one for their son, and one for their nanny which was in the middle of the two. Although built in the late 30s, it is very much in style again today, and we drew huge amounts of inspiration from it, I particularly loved the cleverly thought out books shelves, simple but so stylish and functional. There are strong splashes of blocks of colour but carefully placed so not to detract from what is a tranquil feeling space, where Goldfinger brought the outside in.

willow Road

2 willow Road


Be sure to pay it a visit it’s now part of The National Trust and in lovely Hampstead, 2 Willow Road

New Love And True Love

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone – hope you all have a wonderful day, whatever romantic plans you may have in store.

I thought I’d share a few things I’m in love with this week….

 Firstly on my travels I found some lovely vintage suitcases which could be perfect for a romantic weekend away for two…..

Ooh and some vintage hand bags, for a fancy Valentine night out….


We love The North London Vintage Market and had a wonderful weekend there two weeks ago, here are few snaps from our stall




and I met a lovely customer there who introduced me to her lovely blog – please do check it out, because it really is one of my new loves…Scribbling Days


Now finally moving on to what I think might be my dream house and definitely a true love is this beautifully vintage house in Amsterdam, featured on My Paradissi blog




Happy Valentine’s Day….
Hope to see some of you at Pop Up Vintage tomorrow in Spitalfields Market

A Splash of Sunshine and Lisbon Charm

With Christmas over for another year, and with a bit of lovely  spare time and reflection before another exciting year gets into full swing; I was just reminiscing on some sunshine warmth and  laid back Portuguese ways. Lisbon has become a firm favourite with it’s eclectic flea market (Feira De Ladra), warm scrumptious egg tarts and textured buildings with their distressed pealing plaster and collection of beautiful original tiles lining doorways and the front of these elegantly aged buildings.

Feira De Ladra

Feira De LadraUmm a firm favourite, delicious egg tarts, especially when warm!

egg tartWords of wisdom and delightful tiles…

wall artCobbles to venture, hills to climb, roof tops to wonder and textures to marvel….


A door with a view…

Door with a view

What a view!…

Lovely view

And a firm special one with this beautiful orange tree…


I do hope these lovely bright colours and splashes of sunshine brighten up a rather damp start to the New Year.

Don’t Go Barking Up The Wrong Tree This Christmas! 4 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmas cheer is upon us, with sounds of ‘snow is falling all around us’ chiming out of the radio and festivities reaching an all time high; it is that time (if you haven’t already) to put up the Christmas tree and perhaps this year could be the time for something a little different. Here are 4 quirky tree ideas to fill this Christmas with unique style.

1. Short of space? These wall trees are a great way to use up an array of random objects and free up space whilst still oozing with festive cheer.

Shiny objects, vintage picture frames and stray pieces of wood arranged in the shape of a tree on the wall make for a great, unique alternative to your normal pine.

Wall tree2. Make use of a household object and transform a step ladder into a stylish alternative to your standard Christmas tree.

Ladder tree

3. Drift wood is a great material, knocked together at different angles tiering down in size from small to large creating the illusion of a tree makes an ideal alternative for this year’s Christmas tree. The pieces of wood jutting out are also perfect hanging places for stylish Christmas decorations or to wrap lights around. If you have gone for a more 2D effect as in picture 3, you could hammer in a few carefully placed nails to act as a perfect hanging place for decorations.

Drift wood tree

4. Most of us spend alot of time at our desks so it is essential to make them enjoyable environments – the unique Christmas tree doesn’t just end at home, you can make some equally different takes on a Christmas tree in miniature form that will sit neatly on your desk.

Using a receipt spike placed in a mini flower pot and a load of old receipts tiered up in size order makes a sweet idea for a Christmas tree. Or a piece of oasis from a local florist in a cone shape is a great starting point for using up an array of vintage buttons, they can easily be attached using pins, and you will be sure to create a great alternative to the trusty pine.

Desk ideas

Happy Christmas everyone! We’d love to hear about your unique Christmas tree ideas

Save The Date

Last Sunday we took our Vintage hire Corner to Chiswick Vintage Wedding Fair, based in the beautiful Chiswick Town Hall awash with original features and ideas of grandeur, it was the perfect choice for such an event. We met some wonderfully creative fellow stall holders, to name but a few Emily Garrod bespoke dress maker, Bride and Bloom with flowers that are sure to make any bride bloom and Nina Rae with her vintage inspired vocals which will transport you to another time and dazzle any audience.

Of course the stars of the show were the bride and grooms to be, and what a wonderful array of couples we met all with equally unique and stylish ideas for their wedding day. Our vintage wares were on show eagerly awaiting and hoping to be picked to feature in someone’s special day. We had lots of lovely positive comments and requests for some curious props to star in some of the special days, so the hunt is on and the creative juices flowing as we begin the preparations for some fun filled vintage weddings.

Our wares in action on the day…..

discover vintage

discover vintage 2

Preview of “Untitled”

Preview of “Untitled” 2

To find out more about our Vintage Hire Corner visit us here and here

A Love Affair Or Just An Orange Crush?

With All Hallows’ Eve looming and splashes of pumpkin orange slyly grinning at us from flickering jack-o-lanterns, it’s only right that we embrace this autumnal hue…..will it be a love affair or just an ‘orange crush?’

4 ways to infuse autumnal orange into your homes…..

1. Storage can be a boring thought, but splashes of orange can make this a thing of the past, especially with some retro orange school lockers.

orange storage


2. Some industrial lights in shades of orange add a great rustic feature to any room, equally effective is a retro orange lampshade adding a stylish focal point to a room.

Orange style


3. Sinking back into an opulent orange sofa or stylish armchair is an inviting way to embrace your surroundings, whilst feeling suitably wrapped up and rich in colour.

orange seats
4. Roll out the carpet for your special guests, but no need to be traditional and opt for red, time to be adventurous, adorn those floors with splashes of orange. We love the mix of geometric shapes too.
oragne floors
Infuse orange into your life in other ways it doesn’t just have to be in the home – everyone could do with a touch of autumnal orange in their lives. Embrace an affair with this vibrant hue – it’s sure to be a love affair and not just an orange crush…..
touch of orange

Happy Halloween!


Things On Toast – Recipe Ideas

I have always found toast a really comforting joyful addition to any meal or a meal in itself, but things on toast is even better, bake beans on toast, cheese on toast, egg on toast all a lovely nostalgic memory of a Sunday night supper, a welcome comfort before the thought of school starting again the next day. As one of true tradition things on toast on a Sunday stills stand, but I have also experimented a bit with some more adventurous options that work equally as well as a simple meal on toast.

Things On Toast what more could one want……

These are just a few ideas, more will be added each week to our Things On Toast page…

A Taste Of Greek On Toast

Avocado with feta cheese and lemon on toast…..


Will serve 2 people


1 ripe avocado (soft but not brown inside)

A nice sturdy loaf – sour dough bread is always nice to use – 2 slices each

2 teaspoons chopped mint, plus a bit extra for presentation

60g feta cheese

Olive oil

Salt flakes and freshly ground pepper


Toast your bread. While it’s in the toaster, halve, pit  and peel your avocado and scoop out the flesh with a spoon then pop it in a bowl.

Mash the avocado with a fork and mix in the lemon juice and mint. Crumble your cheese and fold it into the avocado mixture, leaving some bits chunky.

Spread the avocado mixture onto your toast and top with salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. Sprinkle some extra mint to make it pretty and serve with lime wedges on the side.

Scrambled On Toast

Trusty scrambled egg, sliced grilled tomatos and dried oregano on toast

Will serve 2 people


4 large eggs

2 tablespoons of milk

Butter – small piece to cook the eggs

A nice sturdy loaf – sour dough bread is always nice to use – 2 slices each

Large ripe tomato

1 tsp of dried oregano

Olive oil

Salt flakes and freshly ground pepper


Slice up the tomato into rounds and drizzle with olive oil and place  under the grill until they start to brown.

Meanwhile crack the eggs into a boil and whisk up, add the milk still whisking, add salt and pepper to season. Heat some butter in a saucepan and add the eggs ,keep stirring until the eggs scramble.

Toast your bread.

Spread the scrambled egg onto your toast, followed by placing the slices of tomato on top, 2 on each one,  top with salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil and the oregano. As an alternative to oregano fresh basil can work well.

Greek Charm With Colours, Textures And Fishing Tackle

I’ve recently been on a charmed break to beautiful Kefalonia. Chomping at the bit to escape the infamous English grey drizzle, we were not disappointed with what is an unspoilt, idyllic, charming island, full of colour, texture, fishing tackle and an expanse of beauty every which way you turn.

Always one to be drawn by splashes of colour, these trusty steads did not fail to deliver…..

catch of the day

I love these colours and shapes, a fine working specimen but still one of true beauty!


Always one to explore, I was well and truly enticed in by these gateways to venture.…..

a gateway to venture


Textures everywhere caused cries of joy; so naturally distressed, they are things of beauty!!!



A good set of tackle , fishing tackle may I add sparked off a Nostalgic tune…

fish alive

Feeling well rested and sun baked we are getting our heads down and ready for our next weekend market -

The North London Vintage Market

2nd November

inspired by Kefalonian colours and textures we hope to thrill with lots of vintage delights…..

Share And Share Alike

Today is about sharing and I’d like to share a few little things with you, most of them stem from my visit to 100% Design London where they brought together the latest in design thinking, products, trends and ideas in engaging and inspiring ways. Creative Balance was the theme for this year – the idea being that the dynamic equilibrium between creativity and business is found. There were a few inspiring designs that really stood out to me and I thought you would probably like them too with our similar vintage interests…

Drawn by all the inspiring seating design ideas, I was particularly taken by architect and designer Yvonne Kreithner’s artisan pieces ‘Mokka Hokka.’ At the melting point of Italian and Austrian cultures Yvonne Kreithner combines Italian lifestyle, inspired by the nostalgic mokka pot, with cozy Tyrolean fabric.


Inspired by the far East these pretty handmade lampshades caught my eye, made from Japanese Kimono fabrics, they have an elegant charm with a nostalgic vintage twist. Designed and handmade in Ireland by Anna Juraszek most were worn by someone in Japan and witnessed special occasions including tea ceremonies, weddings and sometimes scarily, even earthquakes! Each lampshade is unique owing to the kimono used to create it, and so in purchasing one of these beauties you are contributing to the story of each kimono,  in the designer’s words ‘some things are timeless. We are just episodes.’

kimono design

Cultural influences were clearly apparent throughout the exhibition and the Nordic charm was evident in Hanna Francis’ work, in her homewares, lighting and furniture designs. Born in Sweden to a Finnish mother and English father, she draws her design inspiration from her Finnish and English heritage with a strong lean towards a stylish Scandinavian feel. Clean lines, neutral colours and nordic scenes are key to her work.

Hanna Francis

hanna francis lighting

These name just a few of the inspirational designs on show, I hope you like them as much as I did. I’d also like to share a few things I came across on my travels this weekend – soon to be added to The Nostalgia Exchange.

Bamboo style, I love this wonderful bag, so beautifully made, it really made me smile…..

IMG_4704 copy


A head above the rest….

I also thought he was rather special…

IMG_4646 copy

IMG_4650 copy

There were a few other finds, I’ll tell you about those soon….

Geometric Style And A Flash Back To Those Maths Lessons

As a bit of a new feature we have decided to have a monthly look at interior styles – we have always focused on interior trends, but now we are going to give them their own page on our blog and make it a regular monthly feature. This month it’s Geometric style which has been very evident throughout interior trends lately, playing on the 60s bold shapes. This style might take you back to your school days and those Maths lessons, with the interlocking shapes polyhedrons, hexagons, pentagons, trapeziums and lots more gons that make up the vibrant, bold patterns that are central to this angled, stylised look.

Here are 5 ways to introduce this adventurous look into your homes

1.Shed some light with some daring lampshades in bold colours and angular interlocking shapes, or really embrace this geometric look with some 3D lampshades embracing these long forgotten shapes – once engrained in us for those dreaded Maths exams.

Geometric lights


2.Embracing this look with your choice of furniture is a great way to add a focal point to any room, you can go as bold as you please with this courageous look.

geometric furniture


3. Adding splashes of colour and introducing intersecting shapes through a cleverly placed rug is a great way to deliver this vibrant style into any room.

geometric rugs


4. Geometric walls (perhaps a more permanent feature) but what better way to really embrace this angular style, add some wallpaper to a few select walls to truly embark on a shape filled road of brilliance.

Geometric walls


 5. A little less permanent but just as effective in encompassing this audacious style, are a carefully placed selection of cushions adorned with unique geometric interlocking shapes.

Geometric cushions

We especially love the Mid-Century Modern chair